"With a keen eye for depth and subject composition, each photograph is a vibrant, unfiltered keepsake of an ephemeral moment given over to memory.  Robin’s photographs and their subjects invite us to leisurely traverse both familiar and yearned for spaces while delighting in the whimsical and reflective spirit life affords when it is unedited." - Christina F.

"I had a shoot with Robin at the fogxflo exhibition. The photos Robin took were so gorgeous and the shoot itself was fun! I actually don't like taking pictures and consider myself unphotogenic. But I didn't worry about either of these things because Robin created an easy-going, relaxed and fun atmosphere. At the same time, I felt like I could direct what I wanted to do. When the photos were finished, I was shocked because I've never seen such great photos of myself! I appreciate the quality, thought and intention that so clearly went into the shoot. Robin is magical and I already want to do it again." - Bianca B.